Brick of Hope Campaign

Our Riverside housing project for our Men’s Ministry facility is now more than halfway through its hard construction phase, and we are now preparing to enter Phase Three of this project. This portion of the project includes both the interior finish and cosmetic work as well as some exterior work, including landscaping the courtyard.

Your purchase of a brick will help raise funds for this phase of work and serve as a continuous reminder to those men residing with us of those in our community who graciously helped bring this project to fruition. Thank you for your support! 


Give Hope, Buy a Brick

The Good Neighbor Center

The Good Neighbor Center

Our Good Neighbor Center, located at 227 Riverside Avenue in Adrian, will fill the gap for those trying to overcome addiction, our under-served veterans, and families struggling to make ends meet.


The lower level will allow us to expand the Fresh Start and LifeChange residential programs, doubling our capacity and increasing the opportunities for men to overcome the issues that have contributed to their addiction and/or homelessness.


The upper level will provide space for other social service agencies to partner with us, providing expanded services to our men and women ,as well as giving us an opportunity to offer outpatient addiction recovery services.


In addition to our residential programs, we will create a new programs to minister to men, women, veterans, and families that are going through a vulnerable time in their lives. In partnership with churches, businesses, and other organizations we will create a one-stop

resource, providing a safe and supportive place to find hope and healing through a Christ-centered approach for the wounds left from their time in the service. They will not only receive assistance for their most pressing challenge, they will also be entered into a database so that they can be connected with additional resources throughout the county. The system is designed to be preventative, providing resources to help families solve the issues that are causing a crisis and prevent abuse of the system.


For our neighbors in Lenawee County struggling to overcome addiction, poverty, and homelessness

For nearly 15 years, Neighbors of Hope has been a vital force in our community through the generous support of donors, volunteers, and prayer warriors. Now we have an opportunity to minister to more men, women, veterans, and families in new ways.

Over the past year, the gaps we’ve identified in our community for our neighbors in need of hope are:


We are currently able to serve half of the number of men we historically have enrolled in the Fresh Start and LifeChange residential programs due to space constraints in a temporary facility. We’ve also identified that our program participants can benefit from additional outpatient services and easy access to other programs that will increase their likelihood of continued sobriety after graduation.


Approximately 43 percent of Lenawee County households struggle to afford the basic necessities of housing, childcare, food, technology, health care, and transportation in spite of the fact that one or more members of the household are employed. These families are living one paycheck away from a crisis that could lead to homelessness and hunger.