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Dani’s Testimony

Testimony – Mar 4, 2020

“I came to the Women and Children’s Ministry Center in August after a difficult pregnancy left me unable to work and on bed rest. Without a job, I could not pay rent and had nowhere to turn. By God’s grace, the Center had just opened, and I moved there.

I really like the sisterhood we have here. Some will be cooking, one will color with the kids, or take your baby for a while. I love to laugh together. If you have a bad day, there’s support and someone to talk with. We celebrate birthdays, do crafts and projects, and that’s fun.

Sometimes we go to functions like Lights Before Christmas. Even when people don’t have anything, they still give to each other.  We really try to make each other happy.  We’re safe here and appreciate the confidentiality.

I’m looking forward to better stability and giving my kids a good life. I’m planning to return to work, pay my own bills, and support myself. This program will help a lot of people if they’re patient.”