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January Update from Executive Director

Dear Neighbors,

You may know someone who once had everything going for them – a job, a house, a family, then they lost everything. There are many walking the cold streets of our county who made a complete mess of their lives. They couldn’t change now if they wanted to. It would take God reaching down from Heaven and performing a miracle before they would change. And that’s what God does!

Lives change all the time here at Neighbors of Hope. For the past seventeen years, people coming to us have changed so much they’ve astonished their families, friends, and even themselves. They no longer live in darkness as lost, broken, and defeated people. Now, they have a new energy about them that changes everything. They love to work hard. They attend church. They provide for their loved ones.

Some call these changes miracles — I certainly think so! All of them testify that if God hadn’t put His hand on them, they would still be in misery, or worse, perhaps freezing under a bridge or in a car right now.

But now things are different. It’s as if they’ve been raised from the dead to live a new life. Nothing will be the same for them ever again. Their families see the changes and are delighted. They thank God for the wonder of it all. They thank us too, for being here.

They also thank you for providing the funds for the bed, the meals, the safe shelter, and the staff to care and listen. It wouldn’t happen without your involvement. I truly appreciate your generosity. If possible, please send a gift to help us through the winter months. You will be providing a warm welcome for someone else to come and find the new life they always wanted. You will be part of another miracle.

Serving Christ,

Pastor Steven Palmer

Executive Director