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June Update from Executive Director

Dear Neighbors,

You look different. You sound different. You used to swear all the time, get high and not go to work. Now you don’t.  What happened to you?”

These are the words of family and friends to their loved ones learning to live out their faith here at Neighbors of Hope. Following Jesus changes a person. But it takes at least six months for one of our guests to get over years of addiction and failure and get in the habit of going to work each day and saving money; thinking of others instead of themselves; relying on God for everything.

It breaks my heart to see one of these followers of Jesus quit because they get discouraged.  You can really help. For as little as $22.50 you can provide safe shelter, a clean bed, and three meals for one day. Knowing others in the community have paid for their healing encourages our guests to keep going. In the early days of staying here, they are like tender plants in a greenhouse getting their roots deep before being planted in the outside world. They need this time to grow strong.

Most coming here have lost everything. They most likely have no money for food, shelter, or anything else. Without Neighbors of Hope, they would be out on the street with nowhere to go and little hope of life getting better. But you open the doors to the good life by providing for our guests to stay here and mature under the unlimited power and love of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for sharing in this heart-lifting work. You are truly a blessing to us and all who come here with rarely more than hope and a prayer.

Serving Christ,

Pastor Steven Palmer

Executive Director