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Karen’s Testimony

We rejoice in the way that one of our long-time guests has embraced God’s plan for her life. Miss K. was recently united with her family that she was unaware she had. We were able to say farewell to her, for now, and applaud the work she did while with us at the ministry, meeting every goal of our program.

She would like to express her heartfelt gratitude and provided the following testimony:

“I have learned many things while at the ministry, such as self-love, protecting what I believe, and knowing that I can do what I propose without forgetting that God is in me. He puts angels in our lives, and Neighbors of Hope has given me that. The people who work here have love and patience, fully support us in our rehabilitation. I am not talking about alcohol or drugs- my story is of abuse and violence. They teach us and prepare us for recovery with God’s guidance to continue safely on our journey.

I will put into practice the lessons I have learned. I know that family can be more than the ones that bear your blood or your surname. Family is the one that takes care of you, that gives you their unconditional love, feels your pain, and above all, supports you. And this is what this program has done for me, with shelter, food, and guidance. I have had so many times of laughter and shared sad moments too.

Director Cass gives her love and dedication to each of us; she hugs, comforts, and exudes good energy. I love her very much. The House Moms gave me warmth, affection, and friendship. Each one has given me remarkable memories of times we shared. They taught me to dance, cook, color hair, study the word, play games, do yoga and have peace within. I won’t forget Pastor Steve, who showed me God’s love can change and transform hearts and people. He is an example of fulfilling a dream to help others. He understood me and had patience with me in our Growing Hope classes.

Thank you, NOH volunteers, donors, staff, and friends. This place has been my home and my big family. I am happy I was in this program. May God bless others like me who enter the program and continue the process of healing and preparing for a new life.”