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Meet our Men’s Ministry House Manager, Richard.

Greetings. My name is Richard Hoyle. I first came to Neighbors of Hope in 2016. I was a broken man with a broken heart struggling with addiction. I was making poor choices in my life and feeling lost. When I came to Neighbors of Hope I was greeted with love, compassion, and hope from the people I met there. They helped me to transform into the man I am today – clean and sober and reconciled with my wife and family. Yes, I am still on the journey of continued transformation, and I know that Neighbors of Hope helped me not only find Jesus, but a second family that genuinely loves me. Recently I have returned to Neighbors of Hope as the House Manager in their Men’s Ministry program. Now I can give back and help the men in this program with the struggles they encounter in their journey to overcome their homelessness and addictions, to help them find peace, to become better individuals, and to have a much happier and fuller life as God intended. I am grateful to Neighbors of Hope and its supporters and honored to be a part of such a wonderful and impactful Christian organization. Thank you and God bless.