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September Update

Dear Neighbors,

I am so excited to finally share the good news with you! After so many months of waiting, we have finally received our certificate of occupancy for our new Men’s Ministry facility! Soon we will be providing the radical hospitality of Jesus to men in need just in time for the upcoming cooler seasons and holidays.

As I look ahead to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I know we will be busier than ever, especially after opening our new Men’s Ministry facility in the next few weeks! I know some will come to us due to hunger, others because of the cold weather, and some because they have been experiencing the loneliness people get during the holiday seasons. They can’t bear to be alone.

Therefore we have to start preparations now, and we need your help. There is much to do to prepare for this time of year, including buying food and winter supplies. God deeply loves every person who walks through our doors. No one should be ignored, turned away, or treated as a number. We always want room for everyone around the table. God loves us all.

This is a joyful season for most of us. But that makes it more painful for those feeling left out of the good things of life. With your help, we will prepare to welcome everyone and meet their needs for food, shelter, and recovery. Please help if you can.   You are a blessing to so many. You truly are.

Serving Christ,

Pastor Steven Palmer

Executive Director