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Update from Executive Director

Dear Neighbors

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, but not for the hungry and homeless. For them, Christmas is a painful reminder life hasn’t worked out the way they hoped. But you can turn things around with a Christmas gift that provides the four things they really want and desperately need.

The first thing your gift helps provide is Christmas Dinner: Hunger drives people here. We ensure everyone here enjoys a complete Christmas dinner — baked ham and all the trimmings. Your gift makes Christmas a good day, instead of just one more day being alone and hungry.

Next comes, Safety: Having a safe place to sleep means you don’t have to wake up at every sound, afraid for your life. Living on the streets is dangerous. Sleeping safe and warm on a cold night here at Neighbors of Hope is a great gift.

Then, Forgiveness: Regrets are hard to live with. But there is a way to get things right. When a person knows God forgives them, a heavy weight falls from their shoulders. They start to smile and care for others. They forgive those who hurt them and apologize to those they’ve disappointed. Family relationships start to heal. They see life with new eyes, knowing God will surely help them and never leave them.

Finally, Usefulness: Just about everyone walking through our doors wants to provide for themselves and their family. They don’t want to be a burden on us or the government.  They want the dignity of using their God-given skills to be productive. That’s why our guests staying here have a chore. Some prepare food. Others keep the place clean or help out in some other way.  They also train to get back into the workforce. We help them find a job and get to it each day. With a job comes independence and a sense of purpose.

When you send your Christmas gift to Neighbors of Hope, you’re not giving a handout, you are giving a hand up out of poverty to a better life. You are supporting a change of heart that lasts forever.

I pray you will join us. With your help, our guests will enjoy this Christmas more than ever.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Serving Christ,

Pastor Steven Palmer

Executive Director