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Update from our Executive Director

Dear Neighbors,

When I first saw her standing in our Fishes & Loaves Food Pantry, I thought she had come to make a donation. But then I saw a look on her face I have seen many times before. She was hungry. And she was scared. She told me she had come on hard times due to the pandemic. She said she used to be the one helping others, but now she was the one needing help. She asked if she could get some food to take home with her.

No one saw the pandemic coming. No one knew the harsh impact it has brought. And no one planned to lose everything. But sometimes things go terribly wrong, especially with COVID-19. Sickness comes. People let us down. We let ourselves down. Whatever the reason, no one makes it through life without help from someone along the way.

That’s why I am proud of Neighbors of Hope. Our doors are open to caring for people in need. There is food and shelter and someone who cares. Many of our staff and volunteers have seen troubles of their own. They made it through because someone helped them when they needed it most.

People who come here don’t need a lecture or judgment on their mistakes. The best medicine is a good meal, a warm welcome, and hearing how much Jesus loves us. Nothing heals the soul like knowing Jesus. Nothing at all.

I hope this lady comes back to see us.  I’d like her to know help is available to lift her soul and get her back on her feet. The staff here can help. The Lord can certainly help in every way. And you, good friend, are making it possible.

I am very grateful to you. Many others here are grateful too.

May God bless you.

Pastor Steven Palmer

Executive Director