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Update from our Executive Director

Dear Neighbors,

The pandemic continues to permeate our world.  And although vaccinations are finally taking place, our neighbors experiencing homelessness, hunger and addiction still face huge problems. It’s a wonder any get to live a good life. But they do. It takes caring friends like you. It takes a community that wants to give its weakest members a hand up. Above all, it takes God.

The result is a beautiful, joyful, thankful person. If you were to visit Neighbors of Hope you would meet those who were once in hopeless trouble. They never expected a family of their own, a job, or even to live a long fruitful life.  Young men and women come here who don’t expect to see age 25.  Age 50 is beyond hope.

But now many look forward to a much better life. They have the skills to provide for their family in a place of their own. They talk about giving back to their church and community. They are happy, productive people you just like being around.  On top of that, they have Jesus’ promise of Heaven.  After Easter, we know God can make that happen and even raise the dead!

These good things happen at Neighbors of Hope because you and others care.  Please continue to support people here. Your gifts put food on the table and keep the heat on. You fund programs to teach skills and grow strong with God.

Our guests will always remember your kindness for wanting them to overcome unbeatable problems, even in the midst of a pandemic, and live right. Your generosity changes lives.

May God bless you this Easter!

Pastor Steven Palmer

Executive Director