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Update from our Executive Director

Dear Neighbor,

As we are seeing across our great State the number of vaccinations increasing, COVID-19 cases nearing their lowest in more than a year, the easing of mask restrictions, and hope for a return to normal, we know this summer we will also see an increase in travel, recreation, gatherings, and entertainment. This is good for businesses, families, and even our churches. Praise be to God!

We also know that during these summer months many in our community will go on searching to find their next meal, a safe space to lay their heads, and hope for a better life. Let us not forget these neighbors of ours as the demands of summer beckon for our attention and our money.  As our community begins to re-open, I pray you will remember the men, women, and children we serve Jesus among and the Great Hope we offer to them. Without your prayers and support, the only thing they will be re-opening this summer is a reminder of their pain and suffering.

I also want to take a moment to let you know that our Riverside housing project for our Men’s Ministry facility is more than halfway through its hard construction phase and we are now preparing to enter Phase Three of this project. To help raise funds for this final phase of our renovations, we have launched a “Brick Campaign”. Your brick will be placed in the courtyard of this new facility and help provide a permanent reminder to those we serve just how much you care for them.

Thank you for your support and generosity.  God loves a cheerful giver!

In-Service to Christ,

Pastor Steven Palmer

Executive Director