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Urgent Need

Dear friends of NoH,

Two years ago, Neighbors of Hope set three major goals: launch a second social enterprise, create a women & children’s ministry, and expand our men’s ministry into a new, larger facility.

With your help, in 2017 we launched a recycling operation. In 2018, we obtained a 22-unit transitional housing facility for women and children, which will open this spring.

While we achieved the other two goals that we set, we’ve been actively pursuing a new and larger location for our men’s ministry. For thirteen years, we’ve been renting the current house on Broad Street. We’ve explored purchasing and expanding it. We’ve looked at building a brand-new building on some property that was donated to us. And we’ve made an offer to purchase an existing 25,000 square foot building, which would hold 52 rooms for men, as well as a kitchen, common areas, and offices for other outreach ministries. But negotiations have proceeded more slowly than we would like, and we’ve not yet been able to secure that building.

But now the Lord is accelerating our timeline. The existing house on Broad Street has been sold by the owner, and our men will have nowhere to live by the end of January. We must immediately make plans to secure both temporary and permanent housing for our men’s ministry.

We need your help, now. Here’s how:

  • PRAY. We are sure that the Lord is moving up our timeline because he wants to expand our men’s ministry next year. When God pushes us out of our comfort zone, it’s usually because he is moving us toward a better place. It can be scary, but His plans are bigger and better than ours. Pray that he shows us where to go, leads us through this transition, and provides all we need for the journey
  • SUPPORT. Spread the word that we are in need of a temporary space to house our men until we can move into this permanent facility.  Let us know if you are aware of or have ideas for a temporary space while we complete the acquisition and renovation of the new building. And please continue to support Neighbors of Hope as you have in past.  We may be transitioning our location, but we are not foregoing our Christ-centered ministry that transforms the lives of the men we serve Jesus among.
  • GIVE. Times of transition utilize resources and this time will be no different.  Please help Neighbors of Hope by continuing to give of your time, talents and treasure.  As we journey through this season of transition we will need help with volunteers to help us make the move.  And given the sense of urgency upon us, we need your help financially to help us secure a permanent location as soon as possible.  The sooner we can transition into a permanent facility the less impact it will have on our men seeking hope and transformation.  Expedience here bears greater fruit.

I want to thank you for your prayers and support for Neighbors of Hope and our homeless men during this time of need.  How great is our God to bless us with such caring neighbors such as you.  If you need further information about how our transition is going or about how you can help, please do not hesitate to contact me.  God bless.