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Lenawee’s Homeless Women with Children

Currently in Lenawee County, there are no viable shelters available for women with children. The need has been great for a long time, and it breaks our heart to have to turn these families away day after day.

In order to address this need to help homeless women and children of Lenawee County, we are pleased and excited to announce that we are launching a new fundraising campaign at Neighbors of Hope.

Through the 2017 Good Neighbor Campaign, we hope to raise $150,000 to begin launching a Women and Children’s programs similar to our Men’s Ministry programs. Providing safety, shelter, food, and biblical mentorship, we can help these families and bring them hope through the Gospel.

For more information on the campaign, visit the campaign page (link).  To help with this need, you can give online and designate 2017 Good Neighbor Campaign in the notes or send a check to PO BOX AND ADDRESS.

More Campaign Info

They are our neighbors. They are calling for help.  Will you help us answer?