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March update from our Executive Director

Dear Neighbors,

People coming to Neighbors of Hope need you. They are hurting and depleted of hope. They cannot change by themselves. Unless they receive powerful help, they remain sad and weak for the rest of their lives. They need you. They need Neighbors of Hope. Above all, they need Jesus.

We tell everyone coming here no one is a lost cause. Everyone can be free. They can be forgiven and live a good life. Even if they’ve tried over and over, and failed every time, they can make it. If they trust God’s promises, He will help them. Jesus says, “I am the Light of the World. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” ~ John 8:12, NIV. That’s His Easter Promise to all of us.

Through the years, so many people have found a better life right here at Neighbors of Hope because you and other good friends provided food, shelter, and care. And lives change! That’s why we will celebrate Easter with a great dinner for our guests.  Some of our guests will tell stories of how they were set free from darkness. There will be plenty of food, tears, and great joy. We will give thanks to God and thanks to you for your continued support.

It costs $25 a day to house, feed, and care for one adult in our transitional housing programs.  It only costs $15 a day for that same care for a child.  Please consider giving a donation or making a monthly pledge today to this vital ministry that is rebuilding lives with the Easter promise of Christ. I pray you will.

We are truly grateful to you. May you be blessed knowing God uses you to help change lives and bring our homeless, hungry, and hurting neighbors hope.

Serving Christ,

Pastor Steven Palmer

Executive Director