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An update on the ministry for women and children

We are excited and thankful that the Tecumseh City Council voted Monday evening to unanimously approve a transitional/emergency women and children’s housing facility in the city’s Office/Service (OS-1) zoning district. To everyone who has prayed, called, emailed, or attended a meeting in support of this project, we say thank you!
Next, we will be submitting an application with the Planning Commission for a site plan/special land use approval, which upon acceptance will be recommended to Council for final approval. We look forward to the opportunity to work collaboratively with the City of Tecumseh and its residents. 
Project Timeline
We hope to go before the Tecumseh planning commission in February to present the plans for the building and program. Once approved, a public hearing will be scheduled and then we will return to the city council for approval of the planning commission’s recommendations. Once we complete this process, we will move onto the real estate transaction with ProMedica.  
Once these steps are completed, we will begin renovations on the property, which will go through the inspection process. We will begin to hire necessary staff and purchase the furnishings needed. Once we receive the occupancy permit, we can move in and hold a grand opening, praising God for His help and provision every step of the way. 
As some of these steps will take some time, we anticipate that the grand opening will happen this summer. We will continue posting updates on our website, through our email newsletters, and our Facebook page