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Wellness Director Update

I have been with the ministry since January of 2015. I first became connected with Neighbors of Hope while completing my Masters in Social Work at the University of Michigan. During my internship I was drawn to the mission behind Neighbors of Hope. Now, two years later I am an integrated team member within the ministry. As Wellness Director for the Men’s Ministry I work daily with the men in both our Fresh Start and Life Change programs. Many of our men struggle with addiction, feeling hopelessness or defeat.  We work together in one on one and group sessions to identify the root cause of these struggles to help our neighbors rebuild their lives. Within our Life Change program residents and I work together on a plan of action, interpersonal skills, career planning and more in depth individual counseling. My role in the Men’s Fresh Start program is to also assist and help our resident’s develop a plan of action while in our program. The plan of action looks at areas of work, housing, schooling and legal problems. As a team we develop goals that fit this new phase in the resident’s life.

I have had the opportunity to assist our Director Steven Palmer with additional programs embedded in our ministry, Third Day Farm and development of our Women’s and Children Center. Third Day Farm has allowed for support to provide food to neighbors within our community who face food insecurities. This project has allowed for the residents within our programs and neighbors from around our community to be involved including myself. I have helped identify best practices so Neighbors of Hope can be part of the solution to combat dietary health concerns.

For many years Neighbors of Hope has been able to provide shelter for men through blessings offered by neighbors within our own community and throughout. Currently there is limited resources for a shelter for women and children. Over the last year our campaign has been to bring awareness of this struggle and the need to develop a women’s and children shelter. Our hope going forward is to provide safe shelter for with expansion of our Women and Children’s Center.

I represent Neighbors of Hope by building stronger community relationships by providing pathways to hope through Christ.

Thank you for being part of Neighbors of Hope!


Timothy Ruple, LLMSW

Wellness Director, Neighbors of Hope