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Ministry Spotlight: Blessings and More

The purpose of the Blessings and More Resale Store is to provide support for the Neighbors of Hope organization while giving our mission some vocational help. Though there are some paid staff members, the majority of our workers are volunteers, men from the mission, community service workers, W.E.P., and A.A.R.P. Since I began working at Blessings and More-almost two years ago-there have been many changes. We were able create an organizational system for receiving donations and getting them out on the floor, as well as rearrange the store to allow more merchandise to be displayed. Our customers’ response to these changes have been wonderful-saying that it makes better sense, is less confusing, is much more organized, and has a very clean atmosphere.
Aside from the changes on the floor, we have been implementing a recycling program. We now accept recycled books, stuffed animals, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, clothes, linens, shoes, belts, and purses. By taking this initiative, we are helping support our organization, as well as keeping our landfills clean. In order to pass on all that we have been blessed with, we are looking to create many more changes in the near future. Please spread the word to your friends and family, and together we can grow our community to be the best it’s ever been!

Dawn Slussler

Store Manager