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Update from our Executive Director



Dear Neighbors,

Sleeping outside is dangerous. So is sleeping in your car, especially for mothers with children. Even on a mild winter night, you can freeze to death. There’s also the danger of someone stealing your things or attacking you in the night. You rarely get to sleep for more than an hour before something wakes you up.

Thankfully, despite the serious financial challenges we are facing, our doors are still open to help those in need. But we still need your help to sustain the great work God is doing in the lives of women and children who come to Neighbors of Hope. Donations for the month of January are down.  And providing safe shelter, meals, care, and support to women & children costs about $25 per person per day.  So you can see it isn’t difficult to determine the urgency with which I ask for your help.

Perhaps you would like to provide a night of shelter, food, and hope for someone at our Women & Children’s Center?  That’s a wonderful gift. Some people come here and sit by the heat for hours, wrapped in coats and blankets. They feel the cold in their bones. Some say the cold never goes away. Frostbite can trouble you all your life.

It’s hard being homeless. But no one needs to remain homeless. There’s staff here who know how to help. Many have been homeless themselves. They stand ready to help with prayer, training, and encouragement. No one is beyond God’s help. There’s education and job-skill training too.

You support this wonderful work and we thank you for it. Your generosity helps them come through desperate times and live better than ever.  Please join us again this winter to care for those who need a bed, a meal, and a new start.

Serving Christ,

Pastor Steven Palmer

Executive Director